London Law Firm Assistants Salary and Bonus, Trends and Predictions 2011-12

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This publication takes a look at the London legal market salaries and bonuses from newly qualified, to 6 years post qualification. Comparisons are drawn between Premier City Rates (covering the magic circle firms and some of the top 15 UK practices. It also includes some merged US/UK firms); City (rates paid by most full service City firms as well as the London offices of most national firms); Smaller City & Commercial West End Rates (includes some of the smaller full-service firms); and US firms (which includes New York rates, and Mid-Atlantic rates) within London.

Rounding off this article are Outlook & Predictions for 2012.



The information in Edwards Gibson’s “London Law Firm Assistants Salary and Bonus Trends and Predictions” is compiled from over 500 relevant candidates registered with Edwards Gibson as well as published and non-published information made available by more than 50 law firms supplemented with telephone interviews and face-to-face meetings by Edwards Gibson with scores of law firm partners and HR professionals between July 2011 and February 2012. In addition Edwards Gibson used a range of third party statistical sources referenced in the text.

Download the PDF of this article here >>

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